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Volunteer – Georgia runoff election

On Jan. 5, Georgia holds its runoff election, where two Senate races will determine control of the Senate and President-elect Joe Biden’s ability to pass legislation for the next two years. The Rev. Raphael Warnock faces off against alleged COVID-19 profiteer Sen. Kelly Loeffler, while Jon Ossoff challenges debate-ducker (and donor-rewarding maker of highly suspicious stock trades) Sen. David Perdue.

Georgia couldn’t ask for two better, more upstanding senators than Warnock and Ossoff, especially in the midst of a combined public health and economic crisis. Let’s help them win those seats and do the Peach State proud. Here’s a quick list of ways you can help. Click any of the links below to spring into action:


A Thank You to Our Donors

When the Albemarle County Democrats’ annual Fall BBQ had to be canceled due to Covid-19, other fundraising efforts had to be relied upon to replace funds usually generated by the BBQ. It was through a tremendous amount of support and generosity that the Albemarle County Democrats raised donations this fall so that we’re able to continue working on campaigns and community outreach efforts.

The Albemarle County Democrats would like to thank the following people who stepped up and made a 2020 Fall donation:


[one_third]Kathy and Taylor Beard
Ellen and Bob Beard
Susan Bender
Lettie Bien and David Schmitt
Nick Brandt
Brie Breland
Richard Brewer and Denise Lunsford
Richard Bridgeforth
Glen and Andrea Brome
Chuck Bruse
Chan Bryant
Phyllis Calhoun
David Carey
Valerie and Ken Chasin
Mete Civelek
Jean Lightner Dalsky
Charles Dassance
Jane J. Davis
Jane N. Davis
Stephen Davis
John Dean
Caroline Dessouky
Norman Dill
Jane Dittmar
Frank Dodge
Rhoda Dreyfus
Mary Anna and Mike Dunn
Dolores Dwyer and Jim Joyner
Dell Erwin
Kathe Falzer
Joan Fenton
Christine Fleckles
Susan Fleischmann
Barbara Fried
Nancy Galloway
Anne Geraty[/one_third]
[one_third]Rebecca Girvin-Argon
Sylvia Glover
Annabel Gunsallus
Deborah Hajek
Jerme Handler
Alyssa Hart
Jim Heilman
Beth and Tim Hickey
Jim Hingeley
Carol and David Hogg
Fred and Leah Jung
Sheila Katz
Nancy Kaufman
Bea Kirtley
Mary and Donald Kirwan
Ken Klotz
Steven Kretzmann
Geraldine Kruger
Gordon Lindsey
Bill Love
Evan MacBeth
Helen Marek
Dianne Martin and Rich Olin
Denise Matthew
Clifton McCleskey
Geraldine McCormick-Ray
Pam McCune
Richard McGrain
Diantha McKeel
William McKeithan
Maureen Minor
Ben Moses
Bruce and Jim Murray
Cynthia Neff
Wren and Tom Olivier[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Christine Palazolo
Liz Palmer and Herb Stewart
Susan and L.F. Payne
Lydia and John Peale
Marilyn and Gene Philippi
Judy Rasmussen
Stots Reele
Lois and Dudley Rochester
Michael Rodemeyer
Miriam Rushfinn
Neil Russo
Susan Seidler
Philip Selmer
David and Margaret Sewell
Margaret Shapiro
Marjorie and John Shepherd
William Sherman
David Silver
Ida Simmons
Shamim Sisson
Arthur Small
Patricia Smith
Natalie and Dick Somer
Victoria Sperry
Thomas Stott
Marcia Strait
Ellen Tobias
Patrick Tolan
Timonthy Tolsen
David Toscano
Nancy Weiss
Lynda White
Becky Williams and Liz Browne
Jane Williamson
Mary Wilmer
Roxanne Woodhouse[/one_third_last]

Volunteers Needed – Get Every Vote Counted

If you’re looking for a last-minute way to help in the most important election of our lives, we need you.

There are voters right here in Albemarle who requested a mail ballot but never turned it in. They still have time to drop those ballots off, whether at the county office building at 5th Street Extension, or at their regular polling place on Election Day. But we need volunteers to go talk to those voters and make sure they turn in those ballots and make them count. We’ll be holding safe, socially distant conversations with these voters, and every volunteer must wear a mask at all times.

If you’re in Charlottesville or willing to drive there, we’ve got canvasses launching at noon TODAY, Nov.1, and TOMORROW, Monday, Nov. 2, from the pavilion at McIntire Park, just past the YMCA. Sign up here for Sunday or Monday.

If you’re in Crozet or elsewhere and want to talk to people closer to home, and you can print out the map and list of names you’ll need to contact, email Teddy Hamilton, who’ll get you set up with everything you need.

Do it for Joe, Kamala, Mark, Cameron, yourself, your kids and/or grandkids, and your country. We can do this, Dems. We’re almost there.

Rides to the Polls

POLL RIDES – A volunteer service for Cville/Albemarle County to give voters a ride to/from the polls

Text or call Kate at (415)-601-3076 to get a ride to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd.
Polls open 6 a.m – 7 p.m.
COVID SAFE, Masks required
*COVID protection measures in place*

JAUNT is encouraging people in its service area to make plans to vote, and it is offering rides. JAUNT is an option to help people who would otherwise not vote due to transportation issues. In the areas served by the Charlottesville Area Transit within the city of Charlottesville and the urban ring of Albemarle County, passengers can use JAUNT is they are certified under the Americans with Disabilities Act. To qualify for that, riders must apply.  They can do so here. However, in rural Albemarle County, anyone can ride JAUNT without needing that certification.

JAUNT says it is currently not charging fares in order to minimize the risk of person-to-person contact and limit the spread of COVID-19. The service is also limiting the number of passengers who are permitted on a vehicle at any given time to allow for social distancing. Drivers are wearing face coverings, and passengers are also required to wear one. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, people who would like to book a JAUNT ride for Election Day are encouraged to reserve it as early as Oct. 20. In order to book a ride, call (434) 297-2627 or send an email to