Who We Are

We are dedicated Democrats, volunteering our time to elect Democrats at all level of government. 

We are a resource for local voters to learn more, get registered, get involved, and get excited.

We are mothers, fathers, children, students, doctors, farmers, candidates, and dreamers. We are members of the community.

The Albemarle Democratic Committee is the leadership of the Democratic Party in Albemarle County, VA. The committee is made up of members elected at a biannual reorganization meeting (to be held December 2025). The committee elects leadership of a steering committee that meets monthly, typically the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 PM.

(Please confirm date/time/location of meeting as it occasionally changes).

The current steering committee:

Bruce Kirtley, Chair
Kristin Breen, Vice Chair
Michael Rodomeyer, Secretary
Albert Dessertine, Treasurer
Herb Stewart, Parliamentarian
Laurie Jones, Voter Protection Coordinator
Graham Paige, Vice-Chair, Outreach
Kristin Breen, Vice-Chair, Communications
Paul Riley, Political Liaison
Steve Koleszar, Field Coordinator
Karen Combs, Immediate Past Chair

District Co-Chairs:
David Shreve, Jack Jouett
Nathan Moore, Kate Scales, Betsey Soulsby, Rio
Kathe Falzer & Stephanie Lowenhaupt, Rivanna
Lili Bennett & Rodney Beard, Scottsville
Madison Cummings & Tim Hickey, Samuel Miller
Atieno Bird & Jim Pyles, White Hall