April 22 Caucuses – Cancelled

The April 22 caucuses have been cancelled because we don’t need to hold an election. The number of candidates who pre-filed is lower than our allocation, so everyone who pre-filed is now elected as a delegate.

Our 27 delegates will now go to the 5th Congressional district convention in Palmyra on May 18th, and the State Democratic Party conventions in Richmond on June 22, where Virginia’s delegates to the national convention in Chicago will be selected.

Democracy on Tap – April 7

Join Albemarle and Charlottesville Dems for our second Democracy on Tap. We will hear from Sterling Howell, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator with the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society. He will describe the changing role of the Society since its founding in 1940, and discuss the value of local history and why it should be supported in our time when history, books, and other institutions are under attack.

Kardinal Hall, 722 Preston Ave @ 3:30 p.m.

Wanted: Delegates to Attend District and State Conventions

Every Presidential election year, each local party must meet in a Caucus to elect Delegates to attend the Congressional District Convention(s) and the State Convention to elect Virginia’s delegation to the National Democratic Convention in August.

This year, the Albemarle Democratic Party needs to elect 31 Delegates and 8 alternative delegates to the 5th Congressional District Convention and to the State Convention. We also need to elect 1 delegate to the 7th Congressional District Convention and to the State Convention because of the “tiny slice” of northwest Albemarle County in the 7th CD.

What does a Delegate do?

  • A Delegate simply attends the Congressional District Caucus in May and the State Convention in June, both of which are single day events (see below for dates).
  • At the Congressional District Convention, the Delegates will elect 5 District-Level Delegates to the National Convention as well as a District-level Presidential Elector.
  • At the State Convention, the Delegates will elect Virginia’s state-wide representatives to the National Convention: At-Large Delegates to the National Convention, Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials, and At-Large Presidential Electors.

What does an Alternate do?

  • An Alternate fills in for a Delegate if the Delegate is unable to attend the District or State convention.

When are the District and State Conventions?

  • May 18 — 5th Congressional District Convention, 11 AM to 2 PM, Fluvanna County High School
  • May 18 – 7th Congressional District Convention, 10 AM, James Monroe High School in Fredericksburg
  • June 22 – State Convention in Richmond.

How Do I Get to be a Delegate or an Alternate from Albemarle County to the Congressional District and State Conventions?

  • You must pre-file to be a candidate to be a delegate or alternate. To pre-file, fill out the candidate form online HERE. You can pre-file from now until 5:00 PM on April 15.
  • Delegates will be elected at the Albemarle County Party caucus to be held on April 22 at 7:30 PM. The Call to Caucus will be issued no later than April 1 and will have more information about location and rules.
  • If the number of people who have pre-filed is less than the number of slots to be filled, all candidates who have pre-filed will be automatically elected and the Caucus will be cancelled.
  • Democratic Party rules require that the County delegation be composed equally of men and women.

How do I get to be a Delegate to the National Convention?

  • You must pre-file to be a candidate to be a National Delegate. To pre-file, fill out the candidate form online HERE. The Congressional District Convention(s) on May 18th will elect 5 Delegates from pre-filed candidates. You may pre-file from now until 5:00 PM, May 3.
  • You must be available to attend the National Convention in Chicago August 19-22.
  • Delegates are responsible for their own travel costs.

How do I get to be an Elector?

  • The Congressional District Committee will elect 1 Elector at its Convention. This Elector must be available to attend the Electoral College Meeting in December.  The State Convention will select additional Electors.
  • You must pre-file to be a candidate to be an Elector. To pre-file, fill out the candidate form HERE.  You may file from now until 5:00 PM on May 3.

Questions:  Email chair@albemarledems.org or leave a message at 434 260-1592.