Thank you. Tomorrow’s Waiting

We’d like to thank all the incredible candidates who ran to represent not just Democrats, but everyone in their districts and across the state. Dems on the ballot this year ran for good-paying, safe jobs that allow the people working them to make a living; affordable and accessible health care; clean air and drinkable water; equal justice under the law; a robust and thriving democracy.

The things that Democrats stand for actually make a meaningful difference in people’s everyday lives. Given enough time, voters tend to realize and appreciate that. Just not this time.

Here in Albemarle, more than 60% of the county’s voters cast their ballots for Democrats. We’re still figuring out a way to help more of our Democratic neighbors vote in all those other counties out there, but for now, you can be proud of that. Thank you to everyone who voted, made phone calls, showed yard signs, manned booths or tables, protected voters, and so much more. It may not feel like it, but you made a difference. Such efforts are never wasted.

We’d like to congratulate Diantha McKeel, Ned Gallaway, and newcomer Jim Andrews for doing such a great job on the Board of Supervisors that no one could credibly challenge them. And we’d like to cheer for Kate Acuff, Katrina Callsen, and especially Graham Paige for winning re-election to Albemarle County’s school board. Graham faced a well-funded write-in challenger with a right-wing agenda — and trounced him.

On Tuesday morning, we wrote about hope. Well, hope is a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. So hold on to yours. New maps are coming, and this time, the GOP won’t be able to manipulate them. Democrats still hold the state Senate, which means the General Assembly might not make the progress we hoped for, but it likely won’t be able to do much damage, either.

If you sat out this year after an exhausting 2020, we understand. We hope that Tuesday night gave you all the fire in your belly you’ll need to get back up and back at it to join us in 2022.

Tomorrow’s always waiting. We’ll get there the same way we got this far: together.