Statement from ACDC Chair, Karen Combs

I have been a Democrat for many years. I have fought many battles, won and lost a few primaries and general elections. Primaries are tough and they are even tougher in the Democratic party because we tend to eat our own. However, after each primary, I have seen the party grow stronger and it comes down to this: the short game vs the long game! If you have ever heard me speak, then you have heard the comparison. The short game is our elections and while they are important, to me the long game is vital because it is all about our Democracy and saving the American Experiment for not only future generations but the world. There is one thing I have noticed throughout my 30+ years of service and that is primaries quickly identify who is for Democracy and who is for themselves. Granted, it’s not the primaries themself that identify but rather the aftermath and how each Campaign handles either the win or loss. Those for Democracy will mourn their loss and then get back into the fight for the Nominee, believing that a Democrat represents their issues better than anyone on the other side: and those for themself either go home or threaten to work for the other side or will try to undermine the Nominee forgetting their fight of equal rights for all, affordable healthcare, a better environment and all the freedoms, issues and gains we will lose if we fail as a party.

So, my question to each of you…. Are you long game or short game? If you choose long game, welcome to the team!!! Onward to November!!