Scholarship Recipients

James and Nellie Butler Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the four students honored with the James and Nellie Butler Scholarship Award this May! This award is given to one student in each of the four Albemarle high schools, demonstrating academic excellence, need, and – especially – commitment to serving the greater good. Each of these students will receive  $1,000 towards their educational expenses.

Rajaah Alagib graduated from Albemarle High School and will enter UVA in the fall. She served on the Principal’s Advisory Council, worked with the Tom Tom Youth Summit, won many awards in Forensics, and worked with Leadership Albemarle to understand the economic foundations of Charlottesville in order to promote high level occupations in our community.  She moved here as a young child from Sudan, and wants to use her perspective to Pursue development in economic and educational policy, helping to give voice to those who have not yet found their voices.

Henry Chin, a graduate of Monticello High School, will also study at UVA this fall. Henry has been involved with science projects, educational projects for young children, and conservation projects. He’s worked to maintain beehives at Monticello, build bat houses, create Bilingual Children’s theater for elementary school students. He wrote a curriculum for young children to prepare them to be environmental stewards, and he presented at the Tom Tom festival on the important role of insects in the ecosystem. Henry will study science at UVA, and wants to teach young children.

Lilliana  “Lilli” Shelton graduated from Murray High School, where she is one of five Peer Mediators. This past year she also took classes at PVCC, and will enroll full time in the fall before moving on to get a four-year degree, where she plans to study Natural Resource Preservation. Lilli has worked with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation  in fundraisers and education days. She wants to use her interest in science to promote sustainable practices, for businesses and consumers.

Reagan Burton served as Western Albemarle High School’s Executive Council President for the last two years.  She’s gotten Silver and Bronze awards through Girl Scouts  Feeding the Hungry projects. Through her work she did on a Mission trip to Kenya, she has decided to study medicine to help needy communities throughout the world. This fall she will begin those studies at UVA.

In his response to winning the Butler Scholarship, Henry Chin wrote, “I am incredibly honored and grateful to have been chosen as Monticello High School’s James and Nellie Butler Scholarship recipient. Reading about the Butlers, I was very moved by their generosity and all that they did to support education, civic engagement, and the community. They are true role models, and I am grateful to you for carrying on their legacy. I am inspired by the values promoted by your scholarship program, and it means so much to me to have been identified as an individual that can help to bring about the positive change championed by the Butlers and the Albemarle County Democrats.”

Rivanna Sponsors Candidate Forum

Rivanna held a candidate forum for three positions on the Democratic Party Primary ballot on June 11:

State Senate District 17 – Amy Laufer and Ben Hixon

House of Delegates District 57 – Sally Hudson and Kathy Galvin

Rivanna member of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors – Jerrod Smith and Bea LaPisto Kirtley.

(Unfortunately, we did not have time for the position of County Sheriff, with candidates Chan Bryant and Patrick Estes.)

Each candidate summarized their background and stated their positions on key issues in response to questions from the audience.

A total of about 70 people attended at least one segment of the program. You can see a very good video report on (PLEASE NOTE: This will be available only until about May 25.)

You will find a Daily Progress article on the Board of Supervisors segment at this link:

It was an informative, educational, and enjoyable afternoon. The candidates were impressive and the audience was very appreciative.


Primaries are key elements of the Election cycle, and unfortunately are frequently neglected. Voter turnout is typically low. Voting on June 11 is especially importantfor the House of Delegates seat because there will be no Republican on the ballot in November, and most probably no Independents. Whoever wins this Primary is almost certain to be the next House of Delegates member for parts of the County around Charlottesville and the City itself.


can be found on their websites shown below.

State Senate 17thDistrict

Ben Hixon –
Amy Laufer –

House of Delegates 57thDistrict

Kathy Galvin –
Sally Hudson –

Rivanna Member of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

Bea LaPisto Kirtley-
Jerrod Smith –

Albemarle County Sheriff

Chan Bryant-
Patrick Estes- 


  • To register or update an existing registration: Monday, May 20, 2019.
  • To request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you: Your request must be received by your Registrar by 5PM on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.
  • To vote in-person absentee: Saturday, June 8, 2019

For complete information on your Voter Registration, where to vote or to determine your District for both the Senate and the House log onto the Virginia Department of Elections website at or contact the Albemarle County Registrar’s Office.  The phone number is 434-972-4173.  They are located at the 5thStreet County Office Building, 1600 5thStreet, Charlottesville, VA  22902.   Their normal hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and they will also be open on Saturday, June 8th.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Thank you to our sponsors for the Spring Fundraiser featuring Mayor Lavar Stoney:

Richard Brewer

Ellen & Bob Beard * Chan Bryant * Creigh Deeds * Barbara Fried
Jim Hingeley for Commonwealth Attorney * Jill & Thomas Hodges
Sally for Virginia * Ann & Dennis Rooker


[column col=”1/2″]Katherine Acuff
Nanette & Jonno Alcaro
Diana & Melvin Burruss
Katrina & Gilman Callsen
Alice & Jon Cannon
Valerie & Ken Chasin
Pat & Madison Cummings
Norman Dill
Patrick Estes
Diana Foster & Tom Jones
Cheryl & John Gaughen
Alyssa Hart
Mitty & Will Harvey
Beth & Tim Hickey
John Hickey
Britton & Ken Horne
Roger Dean Huffstetler
Tracy & David Kaminer
Bea Kirtley
Bill Love[/column]

[column col=”1/2″]Dianne Martin & Rich Olin
Diantha McKeel
Cynthia Neff
Wren & Tom Olivier
Graham Paige
Liz Palmer
Susan & L.F. Payne
Donna Price
Ric Randolph
Judy Rasmussen
Marjorie & John Shepherd
Phyllis Koch-Sheras & Peter Sheras
Diane & Marty Silverman
Jerrod Smith Campaign
David Toscano
Lynda White
Mary Ellen & Richard Williams
Becky Williams & Liz Browne
Jon & Cindy Zug [/column]

Statement on Gov Northam

Albemarle County Democratic Committee Calls On Governor Northam To Step Down



The Albemarle County Democratic Committee released the following statement regarding recent events involving Governor Ralph Northam: “We join with the statements of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, the Senate Democratic Caucus, the House Democratic Caucus and the Democratic Party of Virginia. Continue reading