Distance Voting


It’s a two-step process:

    1) Apply for a mail-in ballot.

    2) Fill out your mail-in ballot and send it to the Voter Office.

How do I get a mail-in ballot?

You have to apply to the Voter Office for a mail-in ballot. When the Voter Office approves your application, they will send you a mail-in ballot. You can apply now.

Apply for a mail-in ballot by:
    • Calling the Voter Office (434 972-4173) for an application form;
    • Going in person to the Voter Office at 1600 5th Street (County Office Building) and bring your photo ID;
    • Filling out an application online if you have a driver’s license. Getting an application form online to print out and mail in.
    • On your application, indicate that you want a mail-in ballot because of “disability or illness”. (It’s reason 2A on the paper application form.) Everyone can now use that reason because of COVID.
How do I complete my absentee ballot?
    • For the June primary, you do NOT need a witness to watch you mark your ballot and sign the back of Envelope B. Because of COVID, your ballot will be counted even if it does not have a witness signature.
    • Be sure to fill out ALL the blank spaces on the back of Envelope B. Use the address where you are legally registered to vote. SIGN IT.
    • Put your sealed ballot envelope into the other envelope that already has the Voter Office’s address on it. Seal it.
    • Add a regular stamp ($0.55) and mail it.
    • IMPORTANT: The ballot must be RECEIVED before the end of election day. So be sure to ask for your ballot EARLY so that there will be enough time for the Post Office to deliver it to the Voter Office.


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Part 2: Applying ONLINE for your Mail-In Ballot


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Candidate Videos!

RD Huffstetler
Claire Russo
Dr. Cameron Webb


The time for Virginia to choose the delegates it’ll send to this summer’s Democratic National Convention is fast approaching, and now is your chance to get involved. Here’s the key information, straight from the state Democratic party, about how to participate in the caucuses in April and the District convention slated for early May:

In light of the Governor’s orders regarding social gatherings, the State Party is cancelling all in-person caucuses. This decision applies to both Assembled and Unassembled Caucuses. DPVA Staff will be working with each local chair to administer an online unassembled caucus.

DPVA has released a singular Call to Caucus that will apply to every locality in Virginia and supersedes any Calls to Caucus that have already been released. Please visit vademocrats.org/delegateselection for information on the new process.

Within the call, we will have a singular pre-filing form that all individuals interested in being a State Delegate or Alternate will need to fill out in order to be on the ballot. If your filing isn’t received by DPVA staff, you will not be considered to be on the ballot. FILINGS HAVE TO BE RECEIVED BY 5:00PM ON APRIL 9TH TO BE ACCEPTED.

Additionally, ANY INDIVIDUAL WHO WISHES TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CAUCUS WILL NEED TO PRE-FILE AS WELL. That means that if you’d like to vote in the caucuses, you need to file with the State Party. This must be done in order to conduct the election virtually and is an important step to ensure that anybody who wants to participate in the caucuses has a chance to do so.

As with most caucuses, if there aren’t more candidates than positions to fill, the caucus will be cancelled. DPVA Staff will be available through the Voter Protection Hotline to assist anyone who has difficulty with the online form. The number for the Hotline Number is 844-4VA-VOTE, or 804-482-8683.

In short, the caucuses are going virtual! To take part, you need to sign up online by April 9.

  • Want to vote for the delegates we’ll send to the district and state convention? Fill out this form.
  • Want a chance to actually BE a delegate? Fill out this form.
  • Want more information on the whole process? Find it here.
  • Can’t use the online form, or need help with it? Call 844-4VA-VOTE.