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Thanks to our BBQ Sponsors!

Thank you to our sponsors at our annual BBQ on October 3!

Senator Creigh Deeds

James Andrews
Richard Brewer
Larry DeNeveu
Julie & Ned Gallaway
David Toscano

Ellen & Bob Beard
Beth and Tim Hickey
Delegate Sally Hudson
Ben Moses
Bruce & James B. Murray, Jr.
Lucia Phinney & Robin Dripps

Katherine Acuff
Susan Bender
Brie Breland
Katrina & Gilman Callsen
Pat & Madison Cummings
Norman l Dill & Susan Davis-Dill
Kathe & Lou Falzer
Diana Foster & Tom Jones
Anne Geraty
Alyssa Hart
Carol & David Hogg
Sydna Julian
Stephen Koleszar
George  Leaman
Bill Love
Dianne Martin and Rich Olin
Cynthia Neff
Wren & Tom Olivier
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John Parcells
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Christopher Seaman
Peter Sevcik
Ida Simmons
Lynda & David White
Becky Williams & Liz Browne
Kerin Yates

VAYD: Upcoming 2021 Candidate Events

With the number of great Dems running for office in 2021, VAYD has decided to host a series of virtual forums to help young people get to know the candidates. They are hosting an event for each statewide office: Lieutenant Governor, Governor, and Attorney General.

The schedule for the forums will be:

VAYD Members can submit their questions for the candidates through this Google Form. For more information, please go to

Get Caught in the Act, Help Clean Up Litter in Virginia

During the month of March, Keep Virginia Beautiful is hosting a month of beautiful acts across Virginia. As part of this state-wide effort, the Albemarle County Solid Waste Alternatives Committee (SWAAC) would like to invite all to join. Grab a bag, take a walk, and pick up some litter. When you’re finished, take a minute to let us know where (include the nearest street address or zip code) and how much litter you picked up. This will help us to better understand and address litter in our area!


Wed, August 19, 7 p.m.

A community talk on childcare and education this year in Albemarle County.

Via Zoom. Register at:

Organized & hosted by Albemarle Democrats – Rio District,  open to everyone.

Panelists include:
– Katrina Callsen, Albemarle County School Board member, Rio District
– Marian McCullough, Mountain View Elementary School, teacher
– Barbara Hutchinson, United Way, VP of Community Impact
– James Pierce, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia, CEO
– Brittany Lichter, former teacher and ad-hoc homeschool specialist