Author: Albemarle Dems

Thank You!

We want to thank our volunteers for the many hours you have worked towards preserving our democracy. Volunteers have written countless postcards, made calls, sent texts, knocked on doors, and volunteered for early voting shifts at the county office building. Tomorrow, many volunteers are staffing the outside table at precincts and many are inside poll observers. We also thank the many election officers who will work a long day tomorrow to ensure all eligible voters can exercise their right to vote and make their voices heard.

We know that Josh Throneburg is the right choice for the 5th. He will truly listen to his constituents and do the best possible job for all of us. Thank you for doing the right thing in voting for Josh and encouraging others to do the same.

A Big THANK YOU to our 2022 BBQ Sponors!

Thank you to our 2022 BBQ Sponsors!

Senator Creigh Deeds

Jim Andrews
Bob & Ellen Beard
Karen & Lewis Combs
Larry deNeveu

Richard Brewer
Pat & Madison Cummings
Barbara Fried
Jim Hingeley
Stephen Koleszar
George Leaman
Susan & L.F. Payne

Valerie & Ken Chasin
Stephen Davis
Kathe & Lou Falzer
Mitty & Will Harvey
Beth & Tim Hickey
Carol & David Hogg
Amy Laufer
Bill Love
Dianne Martin & Rich Olin
Diana Mead
Ben Moses
Lonnie Murray
Bruce & James Murray
Cynthia Neff
Wren & Tom Olivier
Jim Pyles
Michael Rodemeyer & Dorit Green
David Schmitt & Lettie Bien
Linda & Rick Seaman
Marjorie & John Shepard
David Shreve
Tom Sinclair
David Toscano
Lynda White & David Burke
Teresa & Wayne Willis
Cindy & John Zug

Brie Breland
Jennifer Brown
Meghan Cloud
Jane & Lindsay Dorrier
Mary Anna & Mike Dunn
Nancy & Bruce Gasneder
Christine Fleckles
Anne & Cooper Geraty
Jim Heilman
Mary Buford Hitz
Bea LaPisto-Kirtley
Graham Paige
Marilynn & Gene Phillippi
Christine Putnam
Christopher Seaman
Meg & David Sewell
Pat Smith
Lloyd Snook
Kellen Squire
Sally & George Thomas
Becky Williams & Liz Brown